Who even am I?

I'm Austin, the rootinest, tootinest, photographer on this side of the Mississippi.

It's taking everything in my power to not turn this "About Me" page into a joke. Wouldn't you much rather be reading about the tales of a boy born on a homestead in the 1870s?

I always knew I wanted to have a creative job. Prior to photography, I went to school for film with an emphasis in screenwriting. Life led me behind a camera after helping another photographer with engagement shoots. I loved the creative process and gratification I felt delivering a completed gallery to a couple. Eventually, I took the dive to make photography my career. Look at me now; I'm a full time wedding photographer and part time napper. Dreams really do come true.

One of my biggest priorities as a photographer lies in making you laugh. I want to elicit real and genuine emotion to capture who you are as a couple. Part of that means I want to make sure we're a good match. Ideally, our shoot should feel like we're just hanging out instead of you worrying about posing in front of the camera. So here is some stuff I love:

  • Movies
  • Stand up comedy
  • Breweries
  • Music
  • Board games
  • Nerd stuff
  • Crosswords
  • Lists

Now let ME get to know you

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